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Dear Campo Guests!

You can join discussions' forum in the corresponding Campo club page. We are sorry, the forum controls and most of the posts are in Latvian language, but we hope you'll understand how to post your opinion/note/enquiry as the controls are pretty straightforward (few tips on the right) and we are sure you'll get the answers you expect from the paddling club members or site visitors - and, in most cases, in the same language you post your comment!

You're welcome to join our paddlers' community!


Forum "Help" issues"


Forum titles

Forum titles are sorted by category (filter in upper right corner) and by last posted comment date (list)


Title categories are:


"Dazadi" - "Various",

"Mekleju celabiedrus" - "Looking for company",

"Inventars" - "Gear",

"Marsruti" - "Routes",

"WW sarunas" - "Whitewater talks".


Other categories are discussion titles of Campo published articles (Latvian) and contain article related posts.

You can open your own title under one of these categories if your'e registered site user. Registration is free, just follow the link "Register" on the left.



You can post your comment to any of opened forum titles even if you're not a registered user. Open the corresponding title and type in your comment at the bottom of the comments' page! You can use your name, nick or whatever to identify yourelf (Autors=Author). You can give your e-mail address, but it isn't a mandatory field. Do it if you expect somebody to come back to you with some awaited information.

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