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Kandava - Vegi bridge

Seasonality: spring, summer, autumn


Complexity: This is a non-classified leasure trip route, suitable for all people and all type of boats. General safety rules should be met, however, use of buoyancy aids is mandatory.


This is two day route well fit for weekend's outdoor trip. It's the best to take this route in spring (april – may) to get out most of nature blossom, but it is fit for paddling all year long. Route lies in ancient Abava river valley. This part of the valley route goes through, is called the "Switzerland" of Kurzeme because of it's scenic beauty. However in summer's low water sandbanks are common in this stage of Abava (at Velnakmens (Devil's stone) ford, for instance).

For reference on this route see also: Kandava - Abava hub


Transportation and reach of the route:

The route goes through the most “civilized” terrain of Kurzeme. In few kilometers Riga – Kuldiga highroad can always be reached – thereby you can always take off in case of unpredictable difficulties. Route is not too far from Riga (about 100 km), there is a bus line to and from Riga. For reference and information on bus traffic visit 1188.


Technical data of the route

Starting point:: Kandava, bridge

Finish: Vegi bridge

Length of the route: 35km

Distance by road : 25km

Slope of the river in route: 13.0m

Duration: 11h (2 days)

Obstacles: Shoals in summer. Ford of Velnakmens and rapid bellow it is stony and shallow in summer. To cross it sometimes it's worth to step out of the canoe.


Campo rental offers


Carry out the route with:

(prices from 6 boats)
 Price, € 
Kanoe 2+1 viet. RANGER-1651.00
Kanoe 4-viet. CHEROKEE58.00
Kanoe 3-v.(2+2 bērni) LOXIA52.00
Kanoe 4-v. (3+1 bērns) LOXIA HD55.00


Enclosed in offer : Map of the route, rent of the boat, paddles, life jackets, transportation of rental equipment to the beginning of route and acceptance in finish;


Other services available for route:

Comfortable cottages in Plosti campsite, car parking.

Rental of extra inventory, for example life jackets for children, tents, sleeping-bags, dry-bags, stuff for campfire cooking and other stuff can be rented apart by itself. See listing of available equipment.


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