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Kandava - Abava hub

Seasonality: spring, summer, autumn


Complexity: This is a non-classified leasure trip route, suitable for all people and all type of boats. General safety rules should be met, however, use of buoyancy aids is mandatory.


This is one or two days route, depending on your intention – whether you plan a lazy downstream drift or intend to be more active paddler. We recommend to take this route in spring (April – May) to get out most of nature blossom, but it is suited for paddling all year long. Route lies in ancient Abava river valley. It is called the "Switzerland" of Kurzeme because of it's scenic beauty. The fact that the ancient river valley has been included in UNESCO list of the world's 100 most unique and endangered sites is testimony to its significance.

In case you wish to continue route till Svente ( +2 km) or Vegi bridge (+6 km) we recommend to cross Abava hub by land – right riverside is the best solution.

The end of route is Abava hub. Rocky rapids are remarkably big for Latvia.


Places to see in this route are Velnala (Devil's Cage) and Velnakmens (Devil's stone) and Čužu swamp. Optionally you can visit Kandava and Sabile.


Nature reserve “Čužu swamp”

Significant place to see in this route is Čužu swamp. Being a part of the ancient valley of Abava, about 1 km form Kandava (4 km downstream by river) on the left side of river lies a swamp. Swamp is entitled to bush (Pentaphylloides fruticosa - goldfinger). It is infrequent postglacial plant which blooms from june to july. In Čužu swamp you can find also sulphur spring “Velna acs” (Devil's eye) and freshwater lime-pit. This is the only place in Latvia, where goldfingers grow wild and the plant belongs to protected species. Have a care!


Transportation and reach of the route: This is one of the most civilized routes in Kurzeme – not too far from Riga (about 100 km), there is a bus line to and from Riga.


Technical data of the route

Starting point: Kandava bridge

Finish: Abava hub

Length of the route: 29km

Length by road : 20km

Slope of the river in route: 6.1m

Duration: 6-7h (1 day);

Obstacles: Shoals in summer. Ford of Velnakmens and rapid bellow it is stony and shallow in summer. To cross it it's worth to step out of canoe.


Campo rentals offer:


Carry out the route with:

(prices from 6 boats)
 Price, € 
Kanoe 3-v.(2+2 bērni) LOXIA43.00
Kanoe 2+1 viet. RANGER-1642.00


Enclosed in offer : Map of the route, rent of the boat, paddles, life jackets, transportation of rental equipment to the beginning of route and acceptance in finish;


Other services available for route:

Parking place for your car in Imulas guest house for duration of the trip.

Rental of extra inventory, for example life jackets for children, tents, sleeping-bags, dry-bags, stuff for portable cooking and other stuff can be rented apart by itself. See listing of available equipment.


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