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Cēsis - Sigulda

Seasonality: all seasons


Complexity: suitable for beginners and all kind of boats


Two day leisure route down the Gauja river national park section. The classic Gauja river route.

The river is mostly calm in this route, however you'll experience several swifter stretches as well. No rapids or serious obstacles though. It is pretty safe in sumer season, especially if you're equipped correspondingly.


Landmarks  Raiskuma clifs, Zvanu clifs, Vilkaiza jorCīrulīšu clifs, Līgavas cave, Vāļu mountains, Kvēpene - castlemaountain, cave and spring, Briedīšu, Teņņu, Leimaņu, Edernieku, Ķūķu, Līņu, Spriņģu outcrops - almost all the famous Gauja sandstone outcrops you'll see there.

Photo: Spriņģu outcrop


There are Ligatne nature trails near Ligatne (if you have time to walk)

Turaidas castle - meaningful landmark when you approach Sigulda.



Photo: Put-in location near raiskums bridge


Tactical and technical details

Put-in: Raiskuma bridge near Cesis;

Take-out: "Dainas" campsite, near Turaida castle;

Distance: 38km

Distance by road: 43km

River slope: 10.2m

Hours on the water: 7-8 (2 day route)

Obstacles: Kuku rapids


Campo rental offering:

Carry out the route with:

(prices from 6 boats)
 Price, € 
Kanoe 2+1 viet. RANGER-1648.00
Kanoe 4-viet. CHEROKEE55.00
Kanoe 2-viet. ALGONQUIN42.00
Smailīte 2-viet. VISTA44.00
Kanoe 3-viet. EXPLORER46.00


The stated pirce includes: rent of the boat, paddles, adult life vests, shuttle of the boats;


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