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Irbene - Irbe outfall

Seasonality: spring, summer, autumn



Complexity: This is a non-classified leasure trip route, suitable for all people and all type of boats. General safety rules should be met, however, use of buoyancy aids is mandatory.


Photo: Irbe dune near Miķeļtornis


An outstanding two day trip for admirers of hardly reachable routes.

If you are lucky to take this route in season free of insects (spring, autumn), it gives maximum of positive emotions. Otherwise repellents, gear and stable nerves can help. If it doesn't help you can flatter yourself that there are less insects on river than ashore.

Options for setting up campfire are many enough, however they are densely occupied, particularly in weekends.

Not much fish in this river, though some say they've hooked even trout out of here.

Near outfall into the sea river forms 2 km long sand stripe, which is known as one of the most scenic places along this route, and what's important – there are no insects here.

After staying here for few hours, insects stressed mood turns into complete blessing. Unfortunately there is no satisfactory access roads, and paddlers must go 3 km upstream to take out. Stream is drift and it will take about 40 min.


The left bank of river Irbe starting from the bridge of Lielirbe to the very end of the route belongs to the territory of the Ovīši nature reserve. No drive in, even walk is prohibited. Frankly, the only allowed thing here is walk on the beach.


Places to see in this route are the ruins of Angermindes castle, radar facility of Irbene and Miķeļbāka (beacon) - the highest one in Baltics - 62m. Experts of nature will find here many more interesting places to see.

Transportation and reach of the route: There is no public bus transportation to the end of the route!


Irbe (description of the river)


Technical data of the route

Starting point : Lazhi bridge nearby Irbene

Length of the route: 26km

Length by road : 20km

Distance from Riga : 198km

Slope of the river in route: 5.1m

Duration: 6-7h (2 days)

Obstacles: possible windfallen wood in Rinda and insects along the route


Campo rental offers


Carry out the route with:

(prices from 6 boats)
 Price, € 
Kanoe 2-viet. PETRA46.00
Kanoe 4-v. (3+1 bērns) LOXIA HD53.00
Kanoe 4-viet. CHEROKEE54.00
OASIS 3.90 pārgājienu kajaks36.00
Kanoe 2-viet. NIGRANDE41.00
Kanoe 3-v.(2+2 bērni) LOXIA49.00


Enclosed in offer : Rent of the boat, paddles, life jackets, the boat-cart, transportation of rental equipment to the beginning of route and acceptance in finish;


Other services available for route:

Parking place for your car for duration of the trip (1 Ls per day).

Rental of extra inventory, for example life jackets for children, tents, sleeping-bags, dry-bags, stuff for campfire cooking and other stuff can be rented apart by itself. See listing of available equipment.



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