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Usma - Engure - Ugāle

Seasonality: spring, summer, autumn


Complexity: This is a non-classified leasure trip route, suitable for all people and all type of boats. However, the obstacles along the course may require certain basic skills to be able to catch up with the scheduled time-table.

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Photo: Engure before Ugāle

One day long leasure trip in good weather. Good weather is important, because Usma lake is quite large and becomes wavy in wind.

You start near Tirkuša bridge and finish 7,5 km (measuring by land) from this place near bridge of Ventspils highroad accross Engure or if you have enough time - near Ugāle - Blāzma road bridge (+ 11 km or 2h by river).


When taking this route it has to be considered, that the part of the Usma lake Luziķērte, from which falls out Engure river belongs to the Moricsala Nature Reserve. Presence here is allowed only with special permissions from related authorities.


Permissions are issued by Administration of the Slitere Nature Reserve in Dundaga, however we do not remember, they've actually done this. It is considered, that authorities will not have objections if you stay on waterline Usma – Engure outfall. So, keep the course!


Places to see :
Only few along this route, and distant from river. Enjoy the nature! On the way back you can visit Church of Ugale.


Transportation and reach of the route: There is a bussy bus traffic on Riga - Ventspils track.


New for 2007! For this route are available Azul Krypton touring kayaks.


Engure (description of the river)


Photo: In Usma lake


Technical data of the route

Starting point : Tirukša bridge at Ventspils highroad;

Finish: A10 Riga-Ventspils road bridge over Engure or bridge across Engure on Ugāle - Blāzma road;

Length of the route: 20km

Distance by road: 7.5km or, 15 km if you go till Blazma bridge;

Distance from Riga : 154km

Slope of the river in route: 4.6m (6m);

Duration: 5-6h (or 8h Blazma), 1 day.

Obstacles: Ugāle hydro-electric station (boat has to be carried around it), windfallen wood, waves in Usma lake.


Campo rental offers :

Carry out the route with:

(prices from 6 boats)
 Price, € 
Kanoe 3-v.(2+2 bērni) LOXIA36.00
Kanoe 2+1 viet. RANGER-1634.00
Smailīte 2-viet. VISTA33.00


Enclosed in offer : Rent of the boat, paddles, life jackets, transportation of boats to the beginning of route and acceptance in finish;


Other services available for route:

Parking place for your car for duration of the trip.

Rental of extra inventory, for example life jackets for children, tents, sleeping-bags, dry-bags, stuff for campfire cooking and other stuff can be rented apart by itself. See listing of available equipment.


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