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Memele, Nemunelis (Lith.)

Type of the river : The river is proper for leisure paddling all season long almost regardless of water level.

Recommended boats : Canoe. But it is also possible to go by any kind of kayak or inflatable boat. Trip duration may vary from stated though.

Suggested paddling skills:

Routes offered by Campo on this river:

  Cīruļi (Bauska) - Mežotne
19 km
1 d.
  Skaistkalne - Bauska
46 km
2 d.
  Brunava - Mežotne
35 km
2 d.
  Dienvidsusejas ieteka-Bauska
81 km
3 d.
  Vecmēmele - Bauska
104 km
4 d.

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-recommendation for the season.


One of the gems of "Augshzeme" region, the Memele river marks a border between Latvia and Lithuania. Taking it's origins deep into Lithuanian land, most of its navigable lenght lies along the borderland. Nice, small and afterwards not so small and swift river with a christal clear water. Simple. No dams, no industry or farming polution - this all is gone with the soviets.


What's is essential - this river in this flat region has a meaningful slope (see the slope per/km graph on the right) - the river flows most of its lenght!


Memele river routes are serviced by Campo outlet in Skaistkalne - "Krastmalas" guest house. See your rental contract for contact details.


118.3 69.2   lkp Neretiņa, Lietuvas robeža
104.8 65.8   Vecmēmeles dzirnavu drupas
94.3 60.3   Lielmēmeles krāces
94.2 60.3   lk Lielmēmele
83.5 49.7   lkp Dienvidsuseja
78.1 46.2   lkp Viesīte
77.8 46.0   lk Krasti
67.3 35.3   lk Kurmene
59.8 30.9   kkp Apašča
49.0 27.4   Bij. Graša dzirnavas
48.4 27.0   Skaistkalne, tilts
39.4 21.7   Lietuvas robeža
38.0 21.2   lk Jaunmēmele
37.5 21.0   lk Jaunmēmeles parks
33.5 19.9   lk Jaunsaules c.
27.2 17.8   kk Ērgļu c.
21.0 15.9   kk Brunava
11.2 14.6   kk Plūdoņa muzejs, Lejnieki
2.3 11.1   Bauska, tilts
8.2   Sateka ar Mūsu, Lielupe


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Cool paddling on two latvian rivers

Demien Klement, 2006.g.



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