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Registration of reservation cancellations and compensation policy
· Reservation is possible to cancel during working hours by arriving personally, by phone (29222339), by sending an e-mail, or by fax (67505322). Cancellation is final and repeated reservation is possible only provided that there is free gear and/or transport resource available.

There is no comission fee withheld for the cancellations that are done not later than 2 weeks before registered first travel day.


For the cancellations that are done within last two weeks, but not later than 48 hours before the registered first travel day, the cancellation fee is 15% of the order amount.


For the cancellations that are done later than 48 hours before the registered first travel day, the cancellation fee corresponds to rental amount of the first day.


In case the customer has not registered the cancellation or has not arrived to pick up the gear according to the rental agreement terms, no compensations are paid for the unused rental and other services.


All kinds of compensations for the unused services, according to the policy described here, are paid within two weeks from written cancellation submission day. The compensations are paid to customer's provided bank account (stated on submission).


Bad weather

Under exceptional circumstances, when the cancellation is caused by very bad weather conditions on first travel day (during season: June - August), like snow, air temperature under 10°C, unceasing rainfalls and other conditions recognized by the company, there is no comission withheld for the amount the customer agrees to receive in "Campo" gift cards and use in another rental occasion in the same year.

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