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General Terms of Rental Agreement
1. When we rent you a canoe you should be able to prove your paddling ability and experience. Proof includes the word or recommendation of an experienced paddler or your own previous experience with us.
2. In the event that you have never paddled a boat before, you may still rent from us, but we may designate certain rivers or parts of rivers that you may not use. Consider whether you may not benefit from the services of a qualified guide.
3. We must confirm your intended paddling route. You must not deviate from this route without our agreement.
4. Each item of equipment that you rent from us will require a certain security deposit. The amount and terms of that deposit will be decided by the manager of the rental office, taking into consideration your route, previous experience, other guarantees, recommendations and qualifications.
5. We may refuse to rent a canoe without transportation if you are unable to provide suitable means for the transportation of the canoe (see canoe transportation).

You are fully responsible for maintaining the condition and value of the equipment from the moment you receive it from the rental office until you return it to us. In order to avoid unnecessary problems, do not overestimate your own abilities and do not take unnecessary risks. Our rental terms are user-friendly to the extent that you are careful with our equipment. Boats and paddles are subject to mechanical stress and wear and tear. This is perfectly normal and we will not ask you to compensate us for this. However, if you return the canoe with a broken yoke or thwart, a hull burnt in a campfire or an end broken against a dam, you will be held responsible. Remember, other people will want to use this equipment after you.


Needless to say, paddling is a heavy physical activity and you must be sure of your own physical fitness and strength. Campo cannot be responsible for the possible consequences of overestimating your own capabilities, or of the use of alcohol before or during paddling.


If you intend to take a child with you, it is your responsibility to ensure that the child has an adequate personal floatation device. You may rent children's personal floatation devices from us, as well as special child seats for canoes.


During your trip, please respect private property, including, if necessary, the bushes on private land…you may, of course use the public river banks.


Please stay away from National Nature Reserves. See our route guides for more information and possible surprises.


Please leave camp-sites cleaner than you found them. Use gas stoves to prepare food - they are convenient and produce less smoke than riverside wood. Stay at camp-sites recommended by us.


Rental rates and periods

The minimum rental period is one day (00-24:00). At the same time, we will not make an additional charge if you collect your gear on the previous day (between 17.00-19.00) or return it the following day (between 09.00-12.00). We are unable to compensate you for unused rental time.


Our rate plan is based on the "first day" and "each additional day" principle. With each successive day of your trip, your experience increases and our risk decreases. Take a look at our rates to help you save money when planning your trip.


Check out our suggested routes - if you find something suitable, we guarantee to provide you with the best rates and service.


We do not rent small individual items of equipment. Basic rentals must include a boat, or at least a tent. There may be exceptions for established customers.



Be sure to book your trip ahead of time. In the event that the success of your trip is dependent upon rented equipment, we strongly suggest you make reservations to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the morning of your trip. Reservations made a week or two in advance are best for you and us.


We hope to hear from you soon - call us on 922 2339.


We wish you an enjoyable trip!

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