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Engure - Rinda - Irbe

Type of the river : Engure is Class 1 river. The river is proper for leisure paddling all season long regardless of water level.

Recommended boats : Canoe. But it is also possible to go by any kind of kayak or inflatable boat. Trip duration may vary from stated though


Campo offered Irbe routes :

    Usma - Engure - Ugāle
20 km
1 day


  Ozoldangas - Puze lake
25 km
1-2 d.



Ozoldangas - Rinda village

51 km
2 days



Puze lake - Rinda village

28 km
1 day


  Usma - Engure - Puze lake
34 km
2 days
    Rinda - Lielirbe (Irbe outfall into the sea)
38 km
2 days
    Irbene - Lielirbe
26 km
2 days
    Irbene - Mikeltornis
15 km
1 day
    Mikeltornis - Lielirbe
12 km
1 day



Puze lake- Lielirbe

66 km
3 days


  Ozoldagas - Lielirbe
89 km
4 days
    Usma - Engure - the sea
97 km
5 days

* the color reflects tourists' preferences in selecting a route from this list (red is more often). Code according to the scale:

- season's top route


The most beautiful lake in Kurzeme – Usma – is the fifth largest lake in Latvia. Ten rivers and creeks fall into it, bu only one falls out – Engure. Engure is the first of three interconnected rivers leading from Usma lake to the sea. Engure falls out from a tall inlet, which runs deep into the west coast of the lake between Sineprags and Bažurags. Paddlers must know, that this part of lake (Luziķērte) belongs to the Moricsala nature reserve and walk-through here is prohibited. Permissions to cross the terrain are not issued, but practically local authorities will not protest, if you straightly follow direction to Engure outfall. At all events don't try to tempt fate and explore islands of reserve – Moricsala and Lielalksnīte and don't step ashore!

Slope of Engure river (do not disarray with the lake of same name) is 8,4 m, the length – 27 km. Engure is small, pictorial river. Not far from it's mouth, near Gaiļi bridge is located a fine campsite – “Ozoldangas”. In year 2002 renewed hydroelectric power station of Ugāle has done it's evil job and the section of river above the power station and already a kilometer below Ozoldangas is flood out. Below the dam of power station there was an about 500 m long overfall before… downstream river turns zigzag and small. Along Ugāle wind fallen wood becomes more common, however it is not embarrassing. Before the lake of Puze rivers flows through swampy meadows and is quite tedious. It's not recommended to set a camp here.

The lake of Puze is the second deepest lake of Kurzeme (33,6 m). It is narrow and long. Except Engure also river Svēte falls into it and river Rinda falls out. Lake is famous for it's fish. It's populated by catfish and few other rare species. Lake is also the source of drinking water of Ventspils. Banks of lake are populated by riches of Ventspils, thereby it is recommendable to pass through without stepping out to outfall of Rinda direction – NE, 4 km.

River of Rinda (length 29 km, slope 6,8 m) is remarkable of it's drift flow. Generally it's base consists of friable turf, thereby forming deep underwater flows, clay blocks, shafts and niches.

First 9 km of the river actually are formed by small lakes chain. Afterwards there is a swift and serpentine section, but 9 km before Rinda village river turns drift. Paddlers have nicknamed this section of river “cabbage fields”. River is wide, drift, shallow. By canoe it's still probable, but kayak's paddle tinkers in grassy and shallow surface.

Bellow Rinda village river changes for good and becomes like Engure before Ugale. There is a flow, sharp turns, also a wind fallen wood blanket.

After Rinda junction with Stende springs Irbe (33 km, slope 5,5 m). Initially color of Irbe waters is determined by loamy stream of Stende, but after few kilometers river becomes clean and bellow Irbene it is completely clear again. Starting from here to the sea river rambles along sandy dunes of seaside and is by best mean's different from other river of Latvia. It has to be seen.

Last 5 km of the river are wide and drift. Near it's outfall into the sea Irbe forms 2 km long sand stripe. Mouth looks different from year to year.

Since 2004. left bank of the river starting from Lielirbe bridge until the sea belongs to the Oviši nature reserve. Every human action is prohibited here from May 1 to September 1., exception is walking on the beach.

All three rivers are great routes by itself or in connection. Lovers of longer routes are encouraged to try out those starting in Abava.

Adventure and impressions are guaranteed!


Exoticness and route connections:



  From Renda to the sea
120 km
5 d.


Engure routes are serviced by Campo support partner in “Ozoldangas”. At your disposal here are two and three seated canoes, paddles, life – jackets, camp place (for setting up tents and fireplace), outhouse, parking place, rural sauna with rest-room (up to 20 persons).

Boats for Rinda and Irbe routes are at you disposal from our support partner in Rinda village “Līči” or camping "Mikeltornis" even closer to sea. For contact information see your rental contract.




27.3 20.7   Usma lake, Sineprags
25.3 20.6   Riekte
24.5 20.5   Gaiļu zušu dam
24.1 20.5   Gaiļu bridge
23.3 20.4   Ozoldangas, the place, campsite
22.5 20.3   pedestrian bridge
22.3 20.2   Krusas, the place
20.4 20.0   The mill of Ugāle
19.6 17.2   Upkalni, the place
18.3 16.5   Brunči, the place, pedestrian bridge
16.7 16.1   The bridge of Ventspils highroad
16.3 15.9   campsite, the bridge
13.8 15.2   Krojvalks
13.7 15.2   Railway bridge
13.0 15.0   Ferroconcrete bridge
11.3 14.8   ruins of old bridge
9.1 14.7   The bridge of Ugāle - Blāzma village
6.4 14.6   creek
4.7 14.0   creek Dūņupe
2.5 13.3   Engures, the place
0.5 12.5   The bridge of Puze road
- 12.3   Puze lake


28.9 12.3   Rindaa source out of Puze lake
27.9 12.3   Vēveri, the place. Ancient oak-tree
25.6 12.2   Pope - Puze road bridge
24.4 12.1   Kalnenieku valks
22.9 12.1   Akmeņvalks
21.5 12.0   The bridge of Jaunmuiža
20.0 12.0   Place Kurši, the end of lakes
16.8 11.2   Ex location of Mazbānīša railroad bridge
15.6 10.9   Krojvalks
14.1 10.5   Popes - Virpes bridge
11.2 10.3   Guģenieku valks
10.9 10.3   Bridge
5.0 9.8   Rinda, the bridge
4.0 8.9   Pedestrian bridge near ex. Dzirnavas (The Mills)
3.3 8.3   oldriver
2.3 7.5   Angermindes ruins, campsite
2.0 7.2   Lorgrāvis
- 5.5   Rinda and Stende junction, outlet of Irbe


33.2 5.5   Rindas un Stendes junction, outlet of Irbe
31.2 5.3   Spring
30.8 5.3   Ailankas, the place
29.9 5.2   kkp Dižgrāvis
29.1 5.1   Lažu bridge
28.2 5.0  

River changes direction from NW to NEE, Irbene

14.4 2.2   kk dune, 20m high, road to Miķeļtornis
9.8 0.8   lk spring, steep bank
8.9 0.7   Isle in river, camping place
5.5 0.4   The bridge of Lielirbe
4.3 0.3   kk Lielirbe village
3.7 0.3   400m long isle in river
3.0 0.2   Pedestrian bridge, Jaunjoki
1.0 0.1   Shore of the sea
- -   Irbe mouth


Slope (Engure, Rinda, Irbe):

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