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Mikeltornis - Irbe outfall

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Seasonality: spring, summer, autumn


Complexity: This is a Class 1 route. There are no technically complex segments in this route. It's easy to cope with all available types of boats – canoes, kayaks, catamarans and inflatable boats.

Photo: Irbe dune near Miķeļtornis


An outstanding two day trip for admirers of hardly reachable routes lies on the lower part of the river Irbe. Especially hot for Mikeltonis camping guests with all the transportation and parking service available. Take this oportunity to diversify your beach holiday.


In case you're strong paddler and there is a good weather standin - you could reach the Mikeltonis camping back by sea side. Check it out with your guide.


The left bank of river Irbe starting from the bridge of Lielirbe to the very end of the route belongs to the territory of the Ovīši nature reserve. No drive in, even walk is prohibited. Frankly, the only allowed thing here is walk on the beach.


Transportation and reach of the route: There is no public bus transportation to the end of the route!


New for 2007! ESKIMO Sola canoe for Irbe routes - a canoe for families.


Irbe (description of the river)

Technical data of the route

Starting point : Irbe dune nearby Mikeltornis (photo on left)

Finish: Lielirbe

Length of the route: 12km

Length by road : 13km

Distance from Riga : 195km

Slope of the river in route: 2m

Duration: 3h (1 day)


Campo rental offers

Šo maršrutu veikt ar:

 Cena, Ls 
Kanoe 4-viet. CHEROKEE40.00
Kanoe 2-viet. NIGRANDE
OASIS 3.90 pārgājienu kajaks
SOT kajaks ORCA (2+1 viet.)
Kanoe 3-v.(2+2 bērni) LOXIA
Kanoe 4-v. (3+1 bērns) LOXIA HD
Kanoe 2+1 viet. RANGER-16
Kanoe 2-viet. PETRA


Enclosed in offer : Rent of the boat, paddles, life jackets, the boat-cart, transportation of rental equipment to the beginning of route and acceptance in finish; Serviced by Campo Mikeltornis rental outlet.


Other services available for route:

Parking place for your car for duration of the trip.

Rental of extra inventory, for example life jackets for children, tents, sleeping-bags, dry-bags, stuff for portable cooking and other stuff can be rented apart by itself. See listing of available equipment.


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