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Sietiniezis rock

Sietiniezis rock consists of whitish sandstone that is approximately 300 millions years old. It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque outcrops on the banks of the Gauja river, and is protected geological nature monument of national importance.

In the southern part of Sietiniezis there is the Velnala (Devil's) cave, which total length is 10,5m.

Sietiniezis means in Latvian "the rock of strainer". Where does this strange name come from? If you look closely to the surface of the rock, you will notice little holes. They are inhabitated by a special bee species. Therefore the surface of the rock reminds a strainer. Close to the rock there is also a farm-stead "Setini".


Sietiniezis rock has many multishaped niches and arches. One bend is called "Heel of Devil". The local tales tell that Devil has pushed against it, when he ran over the Gauja River to Liepa town, to the cave of Liela Ellite (the Big Hell of Liepa). Close to the Sietiniezis rock there is a memorial stone that was placed by students who invite all wanderers to enjoy the beauty of Latvia. May it gladden you as well!



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